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A Ruby on Rails template to focus on your core product right from the start

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~/Dev rails new my_new_application -T -d postgresql --skip-sprockets --skip-jbuilder --skip-action-cable -m


This might take some time… Why not pour yourself a coffee? ☕️


gemfile devise (~> 4.5)

gemfile friendly_id (~> 5.2, >= 5.2.4)

gemfile foreman (~> 0.85.0)

gemfile bugsnag (~> 2.7, >= 2.7.2)

append Gemfile

run bundle install



Look at all the things you don't have to do


Ruby on Rails 5.2+

Sjabloon is built for and tested with Rails 5.2 and up with PostgreSQL as the database of choice.


Modern front end

Webpack, Tailwind and PostCss, along with Stimulus gives you all you need to build versatile, powerful UI's your users will enjoy.


UI components

Sjabloon comes with various common UI components: input fields, buttons and navigation. The many utility classes from Tailwind ensures you can quickly create your own components with ease.



Devise, still the de facto standard, included. All installation's setup, correct routes and all the design for the views is done for you.


Custom error pages

While you should strive for your users to never see these pages, having custom and professional looking error pages can makes all the difference.


SMTP configured

Sending email through SMTP is the easiest to set up. Sjabloon comes with many services, like Mailgun, Postmark, SendGrid to choose from.


Analytics included

Know which pages converts best and how your funnel looks is critical for your business. With one click of a button you have anything from Google Analytics, Clicky or Simple Analytics added to your pages.


Error logging

No application is without bugs. It's better not to rely on your users to report them. Instead use one of the provided tools, like Bugsnag, Appsignal or Sentry.


Accept payments

Using Stripe you can accept one-time payments right away. Sjabloon comes with a lean implementation using Stripe's checkout.js library.

coming soon

Email template design

An email design you don't have to be embarrased about and that's been battle-tested by the folks at Mailgun.

coming soon


Get and track consent from your users when they sign up for your application.

coming soon

Newsletter subscribe on sign up

Have an option for your new users to also subscribe to your newsletter.

coming soon

Email drip campaign

From a welcome email to a weekly schedule of emails providing your new users of useful content to help engagement.

coming soon

Newsletter subscribe popup

Email is still the most powerful marketing channel available. Show a pop up for your website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. Fully customisable.

coming soon

Setup wizard

Show a multistep wizard to introduce new users to your application.

coming soon

“I could not have built the first version of Startup Costs in less than 8 hours without Sjabloon. Such a huge time-saver!”

Eelco, founder Startup Costs

Rails template for SaaS developers

Makers using Ruby on Rails know the power this framework brings. The many years of development has proven Rails to be a solid choice still for any kind of web product. With all the great things it comes with, it's lacking in some features you see in the average SaaS application. From authentication to modern front end tools, common UI components and SMTP set up and ready to go. “Look at all the things you don't have to do!” Sjabloon comes with great default settings, but most can be changed from the start to precisely fit your needs.

100% focus on your core product

With many years experience in creating web apps, I know each product uses similar best practices and components. With Sjabloon you have beautiful and versatile components, settings and customisation right from the start, without tedious copy-pasting—all easy to change to match your brand. Using modern front end tools like Webpack, PostCss and Tailwind you know you will create a beautiful UI fast and easy.

A Ruby on Rails template to focus on your core product

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