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30+ developers, companies and freelancers bought Sjabloon in the last 4 weeks

close minimise maximise
~/Dev rails new awesome_app -T -d postgresql --skip-sprockets --skip-jbuilder --skip-action-cable -m


Look at all the things done for you


Use announcements (like a changelog) to keep your users in the loop about your product.



Get and track consent from your users when they sign up for your application.

Subscribe to your newsletter

Subscribe users to your email newsletter when they sign up or via a subscribe modal.


Email template design

An HTML email you don't have to be embarrased about included.


Custom error pages

Instead of the dreaded default Rails designs, you get nice custom designed error pages.


SMTP configured

Setup and send email through SMTP with support for many services, like mailgun, sendgrid, postmark or mandrill to choose from.


Analytics included

With one click of a button you have anything from google analytics, clicky, simple analytics or google analytics minimal added to your pages.


Error logging

Use one of the provided third-party services, like bugsnag, sentry, appsignal, rollbar or honeybadger. No extra setup needed.

From our customers

That's what they said…

Having launched many products in the past, I’m super excited to use Sjabloon. All those things it does really add up and I’m happy I can skip those now. Perfect fit!

Founder of Andvite

Sjabloon rocks!

An epic starter that saved me a lot of time. It’s well designed and the ease of spinning up Sjabloon is glorious. :)

After using Sjabloon, I can only imagine how much time it will save me. The quality is impressive and its flexibility is awesome.

Truly an excellent product; it’s made my job a lot easier.

Colin Bethea, Synthate

If it wasn’t for Sjabloon it would have took me much longer to built my product. User management, Stripe integration and the UI components helped me the most.

Zsolt Kacso from Userdrive

A Rails SaaS starter kit to build successful products

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30+ developers, companies and freelancers bought Sjabloon in the last 4 weeks