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25+ developers, companies and freelancers bought Sjabloon in the last 4 weeks

close minimise maximise
~/Dev rails new my_new_application -T -d postgresql --skip-sprockets --skip-jbuilder --skip-action-cable -m


Look at all the things you don't have to do


Ruby on Rails 5.2

Sjabloon is built for and tested with Rails 5.2.x with PostgreSQL as the database of choice.


Modern front end

Webpack, Tailwind and PostCss, along with Stimulus gives you all you need to build versatile, powerful UI's your users will enjoy.

Beautiful theme

Sjabloon comes with a beautiful custom theme. Just like everything else in Sjabloon, the themes are custom designed in-house. All designed with the modern SaaS app in mind and all easily customised to fit your product.


UI components

Many common UI components included: form elements, modals and dropdowns. The many utility classes from Tailwind ensures you can quickly create your own components with ease.



It's not a business if people don't pay for it. That's why Sjabloon comes with (recurring) payments integrated. Making money from the first deploy!

coming soon


Devise—still the de facto standard—included. All installation's setup, correct routes and all the design for the views is done for you.

User dashboard

Fully designed user dashboard. Built with components available in Sjabloon.


Announcements about new features are a great way for your customers and users to show you are actively working on your product.

Subscribe to your newsletter

Email is still a powerful marketing channel. Sjabloon comes with the option to subscribe users to your email newsletter when they sign up. Currently supports Mailchimp (more providers coming soon).


Email template design

An email design you don't have to be embarrased about and that's been battle-tested by the folks at Mailgun.


Custom error pages

While you should strive for your users to never see these pages, having custom and professional looking error pages can makes all the difference.



Get and track consent from your users when they sign up for your application.

coming soon

SMTP configured

Sending email through SMTP is the easiest to set up. Sjabloon comes with many services, like Mailgun, Postmark, SendGrid to choose from.


Analytics included

Know which pages converts best and how your funnel looks is critical for your business. With one click of a button you have anything from Google Analytics, Clicky or Simple Analytics added to your pages.


Error logging

No application is without bugs. It's better not to rely on your users to report them. Instead use one of the provided tools, like Bugsnag, Appsignal or Sentry.

From our customers

That's what they said…

With Sjabloon taking care of authorisation, payments and much of the setup, I was able to launch Faruno’s MVP within a week!

Founder of Faruno

Truly an excellent product; it’s made my job a lot easier.

Colin Bethea, Synthate

Sjabloon helped me built the first version of Startup Costs in less than 8 hours. Such a huge time-saver!

Eelco, founder Startup Costs

A Rails SaaS starter kit to focus on your core product

Get started

25+ developers, companies and freelancers bought Sjabloon in the last 4 weeks