Sjabloon is built at Needless To Say Creative (web-product consultants). “With many years experience building successful apps using Rails, we bundled that knowledge into a productised Ruby on Rails SaaS starter kit with beautiful and reusable design to help you get started easier and faster.”

After building hundreds of SaaS and web-apps for others and ourself, we were asked about our best practices, what did we learn? The web is moving fast, but we have learned that sticking to the tools you know and love is key to launch successful products. We bundled all this knowledge in terms of tech (Rails, Tailwind, Stimulus) and our many years of experience on UI- and marketing-design into a Rails SaaS starter kit called Sjabloon. We know that your success is not just about building the product itself, but also about providing the tools to help you with the marketing of the product too.

Since launch in December 2018 over 300 people chosen Sjabloon to kickstart their next product(s).

A Rails SaaS starter kit to build successful products

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30+ developers, companies and freelancers bought Sjabloon in the last 4 weeks