What's new at Sjabloon?

release July 2020
v1.3.1 fixes some minor bugfixes

The latest Sjabloon release fixes some bugs that could occur in some cases related to the teams and invites features.

release June 2020
With v1.3 you can invite others into your new apps

After the v1.2 release that introduced teams for your new Rails app, starting today you can now also invite others to these teams. New users get an email to signup for your app and existing users get an email they have access to the team on your app. Nifty! Furthermore there’s now the option to choose where you want to scope the billing methods (for Stripe) to. Previously this was the authentication model by default (eg. User), but you can now change this to be your Team modal (or Company, Organisation, etc.). There’s now also a handy method that prepends the current Git branch in your <title />—so you don’t accidentally look at production (or development) when bugfixing. A new releases couldn’t be complete with some minor bugfixes.

news May 2020
New guide on how to load external content in a modal

A new guide on how to set up a clean way to load external content within a modal. Just one reusable Stimulus controller, a oneliner and some attributes added to your HTML. That’s why we love Rails. 😊 Check it out.

news May 2020
Just welcomed the 400th happy user of Sjabloon

Last two weeks Sjabloon saw a slight increase compared to previous weeks. Thus the 400th user of Sjabloon came a bit earlier than expected. 😊 I’m super grateful to everyone of you. Thanks for your trust and I’m looking forward to see what amazing products you all will build. ✌️

release April 2020
A new release is here: v1.2

The next new release brings various improvements, support for the “bullet” and “rack mini profiler” gem. Next up is a new feature that allows you to configure teams and members. This is a first step of a bigger feature, including invitations and authorisation.

news April 2020
Sjabloon has a new owner

Just a few weeks ago I took over as the owner, developer and everything in between of Sjabloon. Before that I was already part-time working on Sjabloon and am excited to continue spending more time on it. Sjabloon has seen hundreds of customers and thousands of apps built, since its launch in December 2018. It’s an amazing product with even better prospects. I am excited to move its development forwards. If you have any question or suggestions, do get in touch.

news March 2020
Improvements to the knowledge base

The Knowledge Base just got some improvements with, most notably, the option to search through the articles. As the features in Sjabloon grow constantly it becomes (even) more important to improve the documentation. These UI changes are the first step towards this. Looking forward to your feedback!

news February 2020
Chris joins Sjabloon 👋

If you have been in touch with us the last couple of weeks, you might met him already: Chris! He joins Sjabloon to help with support and develop the product you love to use. Welcome Chris! Super happy to have you. 🙌

release January 2020
v1.1.0 release is here

The first release of 2020 is here and it’s quite a beefy release with updated announcements UI and all-new stimulus controller that works like those fancy changelog dropdown (think headway/beamer). Configuration options for ActiveStorage providers S3 and DigitalOcean Spaces and a first set of developers tools to help you build an even more solid first app.

news January 2020
Welcome to the 300th happy Sjablooner

Yesterday at 17:21 UTC Arnaud (from 🇩🇪) was the 300th person to buy a licence to Sjabloon (unlimited plan). 🎉 I’ve already contacted them to tell the news. Looking forward to see the amazing apps you will build, Arnaud!

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