New release: Keep your customers in the loop

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What's new at Sjabloon?

new New release: Keep your customers in the loop February 2019

Starting today Sjabloon has a plug and play feature to subscribe your new users to your newsletter in Mailchimp. Email still is an incredible powerful marketing channel and it would be foolish not get the consent of your users right when they sign up for your app. Sjabloon adds two agnostic 'service objects' that can be called (from wherever) to subscribe or unsubscribe emails from your list within your Mailchimp account.
This release furthermore adds Sidekiq as an option, a new way to manage all your app's configuration (that are not credentials) and updates Devise to the latest version.

update Mandrill, Intercom and support January 2019

Starting today you can add Mandrill as your SMTP provider of choice. Intercom + can be added as your chat/customer support solution right from the moment you deploy (without fiddly copy-pasting). You can now also opt-out to have static pages (like about, terms and privacy) created for you.

new New release: User dashboard and Announcements January 2019

A big new release today. This one comes with the optional available user dashboard and announcements.

The user dashboard is a minimal, but beautiful dashboard designed using Tailwind Css and enhanced with Stimulus controllers. All ready to tweak and change to fit your needs. When added Sjabloon will set up the routes for you so once the user creates an account with your app they are routed straight to the dashboard.

Announcements (like on this page) are a great way to broadcast short (and long) messages to your users and site's visitors. It can be used as a changelog, but also to update your users about company news. Announcements can optionally be shown on every page as a banner at the top for registered users or all your visitors.

Looking forward to see what you are building on top of this.

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