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Authentication in your next Rails app

The ability for your visitors to create an account is a key element for almost every modern web application. That's why with Sjabloon you get authentication out-of-the-box: all fully designed and ready-to-go.

Devise as the backbone

Sjabloon comes with Devise installed and configured. After many years it's still the go-to option for many Rails developers. It's real easy to setup and to customise.

User impersonation for easier debugging and better customer support

Impersonation is a useful way for you to easily log in as a certain user. Making your development process easier as you can see your app from a different point of view. Once your app is launched, it can help you provide better customer support as you see exactly what your customer sees.

You are in control: customisation by default

No app is the same, and no developer is alike. That's why Sjabloon gives you the option to choose how you want to name your authentication model: use the default `User`, or does `Account` or `Person` fit your new app better? You decide.

From emails to views: all design is done

Devise comes with many views and with just as many email templates. All these are fully designed using Sjabloon's exclusively designed theme. Yet another thing you don't have to worry about.