Customisable by design

If you have built many web apps, you know that not every app needs the same kind of features. Some might need authentication and payments, others might not. Sjabloon is unique in that it gives you the option to add or skip certain features when you start your next app.

Choose which features you need

Many SaaS starter kits come with many features added. Great, until you don't need a certain feature. Then you spend more time removing the features after installation. That goes against our core principle of working on the core from the start.

Not every app needs the same features. In Sjabloon you can add or skip features like some default options with Rails (ActionCable, ActiveStorage), but also Sjabloon exclusive features like: authentication, payments and announcements. So you can hit the ground running with a foundation that fits you perfectly.

Multiple themes ready to go

With three unique and exclusively designed themes, you can be sure your next app will fit your brand perfectly. New themes coming Summer 2019.

Third-party integration optional

With just a few clicks you can have the JS code snippets added for third-party numerous third-party services. From customer support tools like Intercom, analytics with Click and error monitoring with Bugsnag. No need to go their website, copy their code and paste into your app. It's all done for you.