Payments and billing

It's not a business if people don't pay for it. Sjabloon takes care of everything related to adding payments with Stripe in your new SaaS Rails app. All integration, set up, UI components and even emails are designed and ready to go. Coming soon.

Subscriptions and one-time payments with Stripe

Sjabloon utilises and works upon Pay to add payments with Stripe for you. Everything related to billing is done for you. From one-time payments to fully-functional subscriptions. From the moment your user signs up, they can choose their plan, add their credit card and voila: done. Once subscribed, they can change or cancel their plan too. All out-of-the-box.

Pricing page listing your subscription plans

Your pricing page is fully designed for you. And is, as always, easily customisable because it's built using Tailwind Css. Have monthly ánd annual plans? Your user can swap between those too. No designer's eye needed!


Discount codes can be great driver for more sales. Sjabloon allows you to have coupons from the get go. Run a temporary holiday sale? Your user can add the coupon code to see instantly if the code is valid and the discount they get. Works without you doing anything extra with percentages off and fixed amounts.

Automatically set up your environments

Both your development environment and production are quickly set up by running the available tasks coming with Sjabloon to grab your products and plans from Stripe. These are used to build your pricing page by listing only your active plans. It even groups them by monthly and annual plans. Coupons can be fetched in the same way too, so your Stripe dashboard works as the source of truth. All set up for you, without any coding needed.

Custom designed emails

Send your users emails that are on-brand. From the receipt, to a refund and an upcoming subscription renewal. All easily customisable in the same convenient way all the Sjabloon emails are handled.