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Customisable teams (and invites)

At some point many SaaS applications need some form of teams set up. Usually this is a “container” model that holds the business logic, like: “statistics”, “messages” or whatever the core of your product is. Depending on your application “team” and “members” are valid names, but other times “company” and “employee” fits the bill better. Good thing, Sjabloon has you, yet again, covered.

Teams, Company or Organisation?

From your Sjabloon dashboard you can choose how you want to name your relationships models that fits your business logic. Is it “team”? Go for it? Does “Organisation” fit better? No problem. And what about the join model between teams and user (or account or person!)? This is also fully customisable. Just choose the name that fits your app best, be it member, membership or employee. Your app, your choice.

Invite others

Not much fun having a team (or however these are called in your app) without any members (or, again, however you like to call them). So your users can invite others by email. When new users follow the link in this email they create a new account in your app and get access to the team right away. Do they already have an account (with given email), then they get access right away too. And revoking access to a team is done with just a click. Ready from the get-go, no extra code needed from you.