Is Sjabloon for me?

Sjabloon is a Ruby on Rails SaaS starter kit. It provides you with loads of configuration and setup, payments and a huge UI components library to help you build a successful SaaS quickly. Powered by modern, but lean front end tools (Webpack, PostCss, Tailwind and Stimulus) it comes with many features that are found in almost every successful web product. From standard apps to the next Github, Basecamp or Shopify—Sjabloon is ready for it.

I'm a Ruby on Rails expert

Sjabloon uses Rails conventions and industry best-practices. It will save you time by doing configuration for things like user authentication, payments and lots of setup. It configures a modern front end that's lean, but ready for the heavy work (Vue, etc.) in the future too. You shouldn't waste time doing tedious tasks for every new project that you start. Sjabloon also helps you by providing many UI components that will look great within every project. Using TailwindCss you have to write almost no Css yourself!

I'm a freelancer Ruby on Rails developer

Jackpot! When you create multiple projects a month, or a year even, using Sjabloon saves you easily days of the initial grunt work. 24 hours saved equals to (on average) $1,677 earned! Yes, I should indeed raise the purchase price.

I'm a developer and don't like tool X you use

Sjabloon uses Devise, Webpack, Tailwind and PostCss throughout the app. Without it Sjabloon won't work. And while Stimulus is easier to replace or to drop, I'd like you to consider it as it's one of the cleanest and quickest way to build a web modern product. That's the focus of Sjabloon: help you build successful web products quicker.

I'm a designer who just learned Rails

Sjabloon comes with great looking UI components that are built with Tailwind's many utility classes and thus are easy to modify. All Css is built using the BEM methodology and clearly organised, which makes it easy to find your way around them. Sjabloon uses Rails conventions and doesn't add its own magic into the mix. It will give you all you need to work on your idea right away.

I haven't used Rails for awhile

Welcome back! Depending on your time away, Rails hasn't changed too much or quite a bit, but it is still amazing! Sjabloon removes many of the tedious bits for you and gets you up to speed with best practices, setup and tools to help you get up running and build away quickly.

I'm totally new to Ruby on Rails

Don't fret! We once were all beginners. But at this point, Sjabloon might be a step too far. Go and work through some articles, courses and books first. Work on your own (small) app—building many of the functionality yourself. The appeal of Sjabloon is that it does this all for you, but without a proper understanding of the underlying techniques, this might work against your learning process. When you have learned Rails for a bit, you're most welcome.

A Rails SaaS starter kit to focus on your core product

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