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Build beautiful designed Rails SaaS apps

As the late founder of Apple said: “Design is not just how it looks, but how it works”. Design is super important to give your users a great experience with your app. Great design makes that your users can navigate your app easily and can do whatever they want without them guessing.

Sjabloon comes with a huge library of components that look good and are a joy to use. All you need to is copy-paste the code-snippets into your own application and you’re good to go. From a dropdown, popup modal and card components they’re all included and ready to be added.

If you need to customise some more. The basis of every component is Tailwind Css so it is super easy to change colours, margins and every other element to fit your needs. Simply add the config of Tailwind or change some of the application specific stylesheets. Furthermore Tailwind makes it super easy and quick to create great-looking UI components yourself too. Why settle with an out-of-the-box CSS framework, when you can have something unique just as quickly?

A Rails SaaS starter kit to build successful products