Front end UI design mentorship

Struggling with pages that don’t convert well? Is your Css codebase becoming a mess? Does your UI “not pop”?

UI design for web applications is not easy. From nice UX on the smallest screens to enjoyable details on the larger screen to know that all UI design starts with text. How do you create a hierarchy that makes sense? How to make sure the focus is on your CTA.

And more technical: how can I make sure my CSS codebase is maintainable (ie. not scary to add Css or to add another !important)? How can I optimise my Css to load faster?

Through Sjabloon I match mentors with mentees. Mentors have many years of experience and have either experience building their own SaaS product or as a design lead for big products.

Interesting? Get in touch for more details and pricing. Availability from mid-June

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