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How many subscription plans should my SaaS start with?

Stripe in combination with Sjabloon makes it super easy to get payments set up with your new Rails app. Adding multiple subscription plans with different features and/or limitations is also done in a blink of eye.

When using Sjabloon you already know it’s just one command to create your pricing page and have multiple plans ready to go from the first deployment. It is advised though to keep your plans at a bare minimum to start with. Ideally just have one monthly recurring plan to start with. Why is that?

When talking about SaaS businesses it’s key to launch as quickly as possible, so you can get your product into the hands of your customers as quickly as possible too and get valuable feedback. As such it’s much needed to strip your very first version of all the unneeded features. After all: how do you know which features are truly needed by you customers. Which features makes them buy your product without thinking? You don’t, until you get to market.

Launching with just one subscription plan minimises your overhead:

Keep it simple. For you and for your customer. The key takeaway is to launch as early as possible, to gather feedback about your product as much as possible.

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