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Payments with Stripe quick start

Accepting recurring payments using Stripe is super easy with Sjabloon. From the pricing page, way down to the receipts for your customer—it’s all included, so you can focus on the core of your app.

To get you going in no-time. Here is a quick-start:

  1. Get your public_key, private_key and your signing_secret (for “webhooks”) for your Stripe account (be aware of the difference between “test” and “live” in Stripe—use ”test” in your local development first to test) and add these to your credentials by running EDITOR="vim -f" rails edit:credentials --environment development (vim can be replaced by your favourite text editor)
  2. Within your Stripe account add your product’s plans (Sjabloon assumes monthly and annual plans)
  3. Once done, run rake stripe:fetch:plans. This will get all your plans from Stripe and add these to your database
  4. Check http://localhost:5000/pricing to see the result
  5. You are done! ✨🤑

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