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Rails SaaS kit with marketing built-in

When you build a new web product, it’s often said the part after you launch, is the hardest part. It’s marketing. The problem with marketing that there is no plug-and-play solution for it (like Sjabloon). Marketing is everything from the pages that list your features, the articles on your blog and the transactional emails you send. But it’s also being visible on social media, platforms were your audience is too and your newsletter.

Sjabloon does not stop by providing a template for common SaaS features and great-looking UI components. It makes sure you will thank about marketing from the get-go.

The secret is in the little things. From capturing the full name of your user, so you can address them with their first name, to allow them to opt-in to your newsletter on sign up and to automatically add those users to your list. And I haven’t even talked about the UI components like popup that ask visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

Granted, you still have to write most of the content yourself, but Sjabloon having your back here, really makes it easier.

A Rails SaaS starter kit to focus on your core product

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