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Rails SaaS kit where marketing is included

When you build a new web product, it’s often said the part after you launch, is the hardest part. It’s marketing. The problem with marketing that there is no plug-and-play solution for it (like Sjabloon!). Marketing is everything from the pages that list your features, the articles on your blog and the transactional emails you send. But it’s also being visible on social media, platforms were your audience “hangs out” and your newsletter.

Sjabloon does not stop by providing a starter kit for common SaaS features and great-looking UI components. It makes sure you will think about marketing from the get-go.

Grow your newsletter subscribers

Sjabloon comes with various ways to grow your subscribers for your newsletter. Email marketing is still one of the highest converting channels available. So it’s a no-brainer to use. Sjabloon comes with the following options.

Subscribe new signups to your newsletter

You can choose to give your users the option to be subscribed to your newsletter when they sign up for your product.

Add a /subscribe page

Whenever you share some content (on some platform, eg. Twitter or Reddit), you can point people to this page where they can subscribe to your newsletter. Simple but smart.

Have a subscribe modal

When you want to be more persistent you can show your website visitors a modal where they can subscribe. Sjabloon makes it easy to show these on any page or some pages. Also a time-interval can be set. And as with every UI component, this one is easily customisable too.

Sjabloon supports Mailchimp, Mailerlite and

Content marketing with ease

Content marketing is about creating valuable content for (prospect) customers. Sjabloon comes with a versatile and easy-to-use generator that makes it quick and easy to get started with writing your content. From the common blog posts, to articles to a knowledge base (like this one!).

Granted, you still have to write most of the content yourself, but with Sjabloon having your back here, marketing your product will be quite a bit easier.

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