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Set up teams in your app

When you create your new app with Sjabloon, you can choose to set up a team and a membership model. As with every option in Sjabloon, you have the option to change how you want these models to be named.

Customisable names

As not every app is alike, it is good to know you can change how you want to name both the “container” model, eg. Team, and the “membership” model, eg. Member. Just choose both the Team- and member-scope from the new app creation page in your dashboard.

Creation on sign up

Every new app you create will have now an extra field for the “Container” model (eg. Team, Company, etc.). It will pass through the SignupController and next pass the data to the SignupForm object. When all data is valid, the user will be logged in.

From here you are totally free to work with the new model and membership however needed. See also the README in your app’s root folder for more information.

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