A one-time payment to get full access today. From billing, configuration and beautiful UI components. Build your next Rails SaaS app right away.


  • Create a custom foundation to save days of your time
  • Webpack, PostCss, Tailwind Css, Stimulus JS configuration
  • Multiple themes and homepage designs
  • Access to UI components library
  • Payments with Stripe
  • Authentication with Devise (configuration, setup and UI)
  • Customisable teams setup
  • GDPR consent and tracking
  • Generator to scaffold content pages (eg. blog, knowledge base, etc.)
  • Admin dashboard theme
  • Announcements system (eg. changelog)
  • SMTP ready-to-go (Postmark, Mailgun, etc.)
  • Analytics, chat widgets and error monitoring set up
  • Designed transactional emails
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Frequently asked questions

Some frequently asked questions. If you have a question not answered here, let us know.

  • This is a one-time payment?
    Yes, you pay once and can immediately create your first app. You also get direct access to the UI components library.
  • What if I don't like Sjabloon? What's your refund policy?
    If Sjabloon is not what you expected or if you want a refund for any other reason, let me know. You get a full refund up to 7 days after purchase.
  • What are the requirements?
    Sjabloon is built and tested for Ruby on Rails 6, PostgreSQL on MacOS.
  • Is documentation included?
    Every app you create comes with a customised README within your app's root folder. You can also browse our knowledge base for guides, set up and tips about running a SaaS product.
  • What do I get? How does it work?
    From your dashboard you can add the features you need for your next app. It can have many diffent options (authentication, billing, certain UI theme, default rails --flags) enabled or disabled. Next you get an unique link and command to create your new app with, eg. rails new sjabloon -T -d postgresql -m (that is valid for 24 hours).
  • Is there a release overview?
    Every app you create with Sjabloon is build off the latest release. You can see a list of all release on the relases page.
  • I am new to Rails is Sjabloon for me?
    Sjabloon is not built with beginners in mind. Read more to learn if Sjabloon is for you.
  • What exactly is a Rails template?
    Application templates are simple Ruby files containing DSL for adding gems/initializers etc. to your freshly created Rails project or an existing Rails project. To read more about it, head over to the Rails Guides.
  • Can I (re-)apply a template to an existing app (afterwards)?
    No, this is not supported. Sjabloon is used as a great starting point for new SaaS apps.
  • What kind of UI components are included?
    All the UI components are built with Tailwind's Css utilities (and Stimulus). Including: form elements, cards, dropdowns and navigation (also the very one you are looking at now!). Check out this overview for more.
  • What does unlimited mean?
    The unlimited option gives you 100 apps to build and 10 years of access to the UI components library. That should be more than plenty for even the biggest agencies, but if you do come close to that limit, just shoot an email.
  • Do you have discounts for students?
    Send me some proof of this and I'll happily send you a 50% discount code valid for each plan.
  • Is there an OSS version of Sjabloon?
    I released a very basic version, called Sjabloon LITE. It provides you with a sane starting point to use modern front-end (the ones used in the commercially-available) tools like PostCss, Tailwind and Stimulus. Check it out on GitHub.