Listed here are all the available Sjabloon releases. Ordered from new to old.

A few bugfixes and a minimal google analytics v0.14

This release comes with a few bugfixes (thanks to those for your input!). And also adds a minimal Google Analytics snippet ( This a tremendous option for those who use Google Analytics, but without all the fluff.

Choose your authentication model + act as person v0.13

This release comes with the option to choose your authneticated model (eg. `Account` instead of the default `User`). Next it adds the option to `acts as person`.

Billing and payments with Stripe v0.12

This release includes the highly requested feature of payments and billing with Stripe. Accepting payments in your new app now only takes just three steps.

Minor fixes and updated README v0.11

The latest release comes with minor fixes throughout and should stabilise some installations. Also some new UI components are added in the library. Next is an updated README that comes with every created app. It adds a quickstart guide and expands upon some specifics useful for your new Rails app.

Small bugfix v0.10.1

I had mistakenly added the TailwindCss to the devDependencies, causing some deployment errors. This is fixed now.

Fully redesigned theme v0.10.0

The recent upgrade to the latest TailwindCss release had a big purpose: paving the way for new themes of which this release houses the very first one. This theme comes with an all-new homepage. A custom design created exclusively for Sjabloon customers. With this new release also two new UI components are released. Check them out on the UI components overview page.

Update to latest TailwindCss v0.9

The v1 release of TailwindCss is around the corner. As this beta version is a real stable version already and big changes are very unlikely, I updated all of the Sjabloon (including this very dashboard) with the latest release. It's currently _locked_ at the _next_ release, and will be switched to the official release number once it's out. This new release brings mostly some consistency around the codebase, but most notably holds a complete new colour palette.

Small bugfix with Mailchimp subscribe v0.8.1

The background job for Mailchimp subscriptions could be called even when no input values were present, ie when no User object was persisted. This is now fixed.

Locked-in JS dependencies v0.8

Hot on the heels of release 0.7.1 is here v0.8. It locks in certain JS dependencies on install through Yarn instead of using the latest available. Futhermore some minor UI issues are fixed.

Minor bugfixes v0.7.1

Minor bugfix where Devise's scoped views where not triggered. Also some embarassing typo's fixed. Thanks for your feedback

Subscribe to newsletter, Sidekiq and AppConfig v0.7

You can now opt in to auto-subscribe your new users to your mailchimp newsletter.

User dashboard and announcements v0.6

Two big new features in this release: user dashboard and announcements. And again some fine-tuning and bugfixes squashed. Thanks for using Sjbloon!

Avatars supported using ActiveStorage v0.5

Various bugfixes. Thanks for reporting! Also added: optional support for user avatars and chat widgets (Drift and Crisp).

Email templates and more v0.4

This release includes a default mailer layout built with Tailwind. Every email automatically inlines the styles for you using the `premailer` gem, which also automatically creates a text version for you! Also a few new 'card' components are added.

The Second v0.3

Includes monitoring tool Sentry and new Stimulus based UI components.

Init version v0.2

Sjabloon's first release. Includes: modern front end tooling, many UI components, various Stimulus controllers, configuration for multiple SMTP providers and error monitoring