Listed here are all the available Sjabloon releases. Ordered from new to old.

v1.3.1 v1.3.1

3 months ago

  • fixes bugs related to teams, invites and billing

v1.3 v1.3

3 months ago

  • the team feature includes invites now
  • new convenience method that adds the current Git branch to the in development
  • choose to which model you want the billing methods to be scoped to (used to be User/Account by default)
  • update to the latest TailwindCss
  • multiple minor bugfixes

v1.2 v1.2

5 months ago

  • added option for the Bullet and RackMiniProfiler gems
  • added the first step of the teams and memberships feature (add a team + member on sign up)
  • and various improvements

v1.1.1 v1.1.1

8 months ago

  • small bugfix that could generate wrong rendered partials within Devise’s views

v1.1.0 v1.1.0

8 months ago

  • Updated announcements UI
  • New Stimulus controller to show latest announcements in a dropdown (like headway and beamer)
  • Get access (for given period) to UI components library after you create an app
  • Add setup/configuration for ActiveStorage providers (S3/DO Spaces)
  • Added Brakeman + Rubocop as an option for developer tools
  • …and various bugfixes

v1.0.3 v1.0.3

9 months ago

  • bugfix for announcements controller’s params
  • check within SignupForm is newsletter_subscribe (for email marketing) is available)

v1.0.2 v1.0.2

10 months ago

  • fixed routes for announcements
  • updates extension for certain stylesheets
  • updated README to cover image path helpers with Webpacker

v1.0.1 v1.0.1

10 months ago

  • fix for authentication path when admin dashboard is not present

v1 release v1.0

10 months ago

  • Two new themes
  • Two new accompanying custom-designed homepages
  • New dashboard design
  • GDPR get/track consent
  • Content Marketing Pages Generator
  • Subscribe visitors/users to your email list on Mailerlite
  • Subscribe visitors/users to your email list on
  • Basic admin for your Announcements
  • New UI components
  • Make edits to (recently created) apps in your dashboard
  • Archive old apps
  • Numerous small improvements and updates
  • New licensing/pricing

Updated to latest FriendlyID v0.15.3

12 months ago

This release updates the gem FriendlyID to the latest version from Rubygems that, since the Rails 6 update release, used the version from their master branch.