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Listed here are all the available Sjabloon releases. Ordered from new to old.

Minor bugfixes v0.7.1

over 2 years ago

Minor bugfix where Devise’s scoped views where not triggered. Also some embarassing typo’s fixed. Thanks for your feedback

Subscribe to newsletter, Sidekiq and AppConfig v0.7

over 2 years ago

You can now opt in to auto-subscribe your new users to your mailchimp newsletter.

User dashboard and announcements v0.6

over 2 years ago

Two big new features in this release: user dashboard and announcements. And again some fine-tuning and bugfixes squashed. Thanks for using Sjbloon!

Avatars supported using ActiveStorage v0.5

over 2 years ago

Various bugfixes. Thanks for reporting! Also added: optional support for user avatars and chat widgets (Drift and Crisp).

Email templates and more v0.4

almost 3 years ago

This release includes a default mailer layout built with Tailwind. Every email automatically inlines the styles for you using the premailer gem, which also automatically creates a text version for you! Also a few new ‘card’ components are added.

The Second v0.3

almost 3 years ago

Includes monitoring tool Sentry and new Stimulus based UI components.

Init version v0.2

almost 3 years ago

Sjabloon’s first release. Includes: modern front end tooling, many UI components, various Stimulus controllers, configuration for multiple SMTP providers and error monitoring