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news January 2022
Don’t build! Buy a complete rails SaaS app.

New productised service from our friends: Buy a SaaS MVP (built with Ruby on Rails). Don’t waste months building your own Ruby on Rails SaaS MVP, but have it done for you in no time and ready to go to market. All custom-built, with common SaaS features included.

Really competitive pricing too!

news January 2022
No new updates

Going forward Sjabloon will not receive any new updates. If you have purchased Sjabloon before, you can still create new apps (or use parts of the template) with the same license as before.

Starting today account creation is disabled as well. If you’re looking for a great alternative, check out: Jumpstart

Thanks for the ride!


news January 2021
Get Sjabloon Unlimited with a subscription

Over the past few months we’ve gotten quite a few requests for smaller recurring payments to get access to Sjabloon Unlimited. This makes sense, because, although Sjabloon is a steal for the value you get, for some people in less fortunate places/situations, the cost upfront for Unlimited at $179 is still quite steep. That’s why starting today, the first day of 2021, we offer Sjabloon Unlimited to be paid in 12 monthly installments of only $15. After 12 months you keep full-access, just as you had paid the full amount upfront.

If you are interested, reach out to us. We currently don’t have this automated, as such we manually need to set you up.

We hope this opens up Sjabloon to more people and to allow them to build another future for them.

news November 2020
Holidays 2020 discount: 40% off

Various holidays are coming up in many (western) countries. Due to the current world situation these are likely very different for you than previous years. To cater for that and to make it a bit more joyous we will be offering Sjabloon with 40% off.

We want to help everyone get their SaaS product launched. The best way to do this, with Sjabloon, is now even better! 🤑

To get the 20+20=40% discount, use the code HOLIDAYS2020 on checkout.

🌟 UPDATE 🌟 Because of the popularity of the discount and we can all use a little extra this year, we are extending this discount until 26th of December 2020! 🎆

Few notes: you can’t use this coupon with other discounts, the same terms apply, original 7-days refund policy does not apply, you can buy Sjabloon as many times as you want with the same coupon.

From us at Sjabloon, if you are celebrating, happy holidays. Stay healthy, stay safe. 💪

release November 2020
New release brings support for I18n

The latest release, v1.4, brings the long-awaited support for Internationalization (I18n). Many of the labels, texts and more in your new apps are now using the translate (t for short) helper from Rails.

It uses a very flat yaml file (ships with English only for now), where keys are stored under their component/function name, instead of page-specific keys. This allows for more reusability and less duplication.

news August 2020
20% Summer Sale Discount ☀️

To celebrate the summer (in the northern hemisphere) and to help people push their businesses forward during these sunny months, you can now get Sjabloon with a whopping 20% discount. Only for new customers and only valid until 30 September 2021. ✌️

Just head over to the pricing page. The discount is automatically applied on checkout.

release July 2020
v1.3.1 fixes some minor bugfixes

The latest Sjabloon release fixes some bugs that could occur in some cases related to the teams and invites features.

release June 2020
With v1.3 you can invite others into your new apps

After the v1.2 release that introduced teams for your new Rails app, starting today you can now also invite others to these teams. New users get an email to signup for your app and existing users get an email they have access to the team on your app. Nifty! Furthermore there’s now the option to choose where you want to scope the billing methods (for Stripe) to. Previously this was the authentication model by default (eg. User), but you can now change this to be your Team modal (or Company, Organisation, etc.). There’s now also a handy method that prepends the current Git branch in your <title />—so you don’t accidentally look at production (or development) when bugfixing. A new releases couldn’t be complete with some minor bugfixes.

news May 2020
New guide on how to load external content in a modal

A new guide on how to set up a clean way to load external content within a modal. Just one reusable Stimulus controller, a oneliner and some attributes added to your HTML. That’s why we love Rails. 😊 Check it out.

news May 2020
Just welcomed the 400th happy user of Sjabloon

Last two weeks Sjabloon saw a slight increase compared to previous weeks. Thus the 400th user of Sjabloon came a bit earlier than expected. 😊 I’m super grateful to everyone of you. Thanks for your trust and I’m looking forward to see what amazing products you all will build. ✌️

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